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OualiVision is a supporting member of the SAVE FOOD Initiative

The background to our new Membership -

QualiVision AG offers products and services for image processing and data management

Our systems and solutions can help reduce food waste and contribute significantly to increasing the availability of food that meets sufficient quality standards. QualiVision offers following methods and functions:

  • Inline inspection of product quality and quality control of packaging material and packaging
  • Print layout design for expiry and manufacturing data with output to print system and subsequent verification of printed label (characters, barcode and data matrix code)
  • Serialisation of individual packaging and product traceability across all production steps (track and trace)

Food inspection

QualiVision’s image processing and data management solutions allow for inline inspection of food, identifying quality criteria such as form, size, surface structure, colour (i.e. browning of baked goods) and weight. Food is then sorted by quality and allocated to various utilisation channels. The data could be used additionally for statistical process control to optimise preliminary processes.

Inspection of packaging materials and packaging

QualiVision solutions facilitate quality control of packaging materials (such as foils, paper, carton) and prepackaging (e.g. trays, blisters, capsules, folding box). Completed packages are checked for correct and tight sealing, form and leaking.

Late stage customizing and traceability

QualiVision provides quality assurance solutions within the whole packaging process: Take over of print data from the production planning system (ERP), data processing, design of print layout, output to printer for individual packaging, multipacks and pallets and finally verification of print. Data are printed on labels or directly onto the package which allows late stage customizing by using blank or unprinted packaging material (White-Line Production). The entirety of product and manufacturing data allows for complete traceability across all production steps (track and trace). Our solutions facilitate also a serialisation by using biunique numbering on all packaging levels.