Logo QualiVision AG
User friendly
  • “Toolkit” system for modular assembly and parameterisation
  • No programming skills required
  • Configuration via drag and drop
  • Intuitive setup of inspection tasks
  • Flexible adaption of user interface
  • Tailored to customer requirements
  • Clear and manageable layout of structures
  • Clear, simple menus to facilitate setup
  • Direct visual feedback
  • Facilitated application setup
  • Multi-page inspection view
  • Clearly structured process graphs
  • Large touch-screen icons
  • Input in line with production requirements
  • Interactive controls
  • Setup of variable run-times
  • Multilingual displays with translation tables
  • Suitable for international use
  • Multiple password-protected user levels
  • Designed for easy operation by staff, facilitating safe roduction processes and logging of user interventions
  • Standard software developed to comply with policies
  • Configurable to qualify for use in the pharmaceutics sector
  • PC platform, standard components, operating systems and databases
  • Offers long-term investment protection
  • Inspection programme in XML text file
  • Version management
  • Allows for configuration / parameterisation
  • Adaptable to meet advanced customer requirements
  • Standard software
  • No expert operation required, continuous ongoing development and enhancement, reliable
  • Comprehensive “all-in-one” package
  • Coordinated and tested components
  • Test functionality, test images
  • System review
  • Digital IO, industrial Ethernet
  • Machine control communication
  • Integrated solution
  • Integration with higher-ranking ERP systems
  • XML, SQL and CVS files
  • Compliance with data exchange standards
High performance and speed
  • Simultaneous inspection routines, multi-threaded
  • Optimum use of multi-core processors
  • Multiple high-performance image processing functions
  • Facilitates all-in-one solutions for a variety of inspection tasks
  • Control and automation functions
  • Conditional programme execution and synchronisation
  • Plugin interface
  • Easily extendable to meet specific customer requirements
  • Supports multiple matrix and line scan cameras
  • Solutions suited to all types of tasks and requirements
  • Configurable data output
  • Selection and storage of desired process data and images
Cost savings
  • Statistics and logging functions
  • Automatic collection of inspection data and adaptable logging
  • Remote maintenance
  • Fast support
  • Intuitive operation using help functions
  • Minimal training expenditure
  • Scalable system
  • Tailored to individual requirements
  • Templates and subroutines
  • Swift adaption to new inspection samples, reusable inspection programmes