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Manufacture and control of personalised cards

A packaging system manufactures cards printed with personalised data, subsequently controlling the following criteria:

  • Print quality
  • Print content and order
  • Product type
  • Product position
  • Scratch-off-check
  • Labels

Cards with individual identification numbers are produced sequentially or at random. All production data and user intervention is logged. Ease of operation is essential, since the machine is re-configured several times a day to perform different tasks. The camera system generates and feeds print data to the printer and sends signals to dispense labels or filter out faulty cards. The software inspects card type, legibility, content and sequence of printed data and, once the scratchable surface has been applied to conceal the pincode, its completeness and correct positioning. Cards are stacked and banded, labelled and packed in carton boxes. Stack labels are inspected with cameras. Depending on configuration, faulty products are re-printed. All data is logged and matched against the database. The system guarantees complete traceability (track & trace).

The modular image processing solution allows for configuration and parameterisation for safe control of plain text and codes and has been designed for systems with 1-4 high resolution cameras operating at speeds of up to 700 cycles per minute. Machine control communication takes place via ethernet.

The image and data processing system is based on QualiReader standard software, allowing for swift development and upgrading of customer applications.  Operation via touchscreen is simple and intuitive and optimised for daily use.

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