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Ore Sorting

Ore pieces in rough industrial conditions are sorted by optical characteristics via a 1 m wide free-fall feed device. Falling, moistened ore pieces are photographed by two cameras and extruded in accordance with pre-set sorting criteria.

Test criteria

  • Colours
  • Geometrical dimensions
  • Textures

Technical data basic system

  • Up to 5'000 objects / sec.
  • Feeding by belt or shaker conveyor
  • Object sizes varying between 10mm to 200mm
  • High speed colour line scan camera (2048 pixel, resolution 0.5mmx0.5mm per pixel)
  • 128 fast blow-out valves
  • Simple learning and classifying of the stones
  • Statistic functions
  • Adjustment help for camera calibration and valve timing
  • System diagnostics and remote maintenance


  • Different camera resolution
  • Special lightning
  • More blow out valves
  • Customise feeding belt