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Production and mailing of personalised customer cards

A manufacturer of card readers prints or embosses personalised data on blank cards. Subsequently, a foil is used to attach customer cards to individual cover letters. Occasional errors occur in this process. A reliable image processing system ensures that cards are printed faultlessly and are attached to the correct cover letter.

One to three lines of plain text (OCR) or barcodes (EAN13, EAN128, Code 39) are scanned and card type, logo, colour, name or codes are inspected. A line scan camera scans the entire cover letter page, including the attached card. The QualiVision image processing solution scans individual serial numbers or names on the cover letter and customer card, saves this data and compares it against the database. The system identifies wrong types of blank cards as well as erroneous allocations or missing cards and filters these items out of the process, automatically generating re-print instructions. The software is designed for use directly in the production line and offers flexible adaptation to user requirements. The programme can be quickly reconfigured through a straightforward teach-in-procedure.