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Print Control

Information printed on pharmaceutical, food and packaging products must meet legal requirements and quality standards specific to each country.

QualiVision image processing solutions for:

  • Print quality control for text fields and logos
  • OCR/OCV character identification
  • Readability determination
  • Code reading, code quality determination
  • Dynamic setpoint input
  • Data management, logs and statistics

Print methods: Laser-, pad-, screen-, offset- or hot-embossed printing
Printing materials: Paper, carton, labels, blisters, foils, etc.

QualiReader I

QualiReader I allows for inspection and balancing of various prints (DoD Piezo, thermo, continous inkjet, laser, thermotransfer, flexo, etc.).

QualiReader PI

QualiReader PI uses one software package to operate printer and camera. Preparing the print layout automatically sets up the inspection function for the camera.

BrailleControl is an innovative and secure solution to verify Braille labels on outer packaging. The system is suitable for transparent varnish dots on folding boxes, labels or booklets.