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QualiReader PI

Print & Inspection



The QualiReader PI print and inspection solution with integrated article and order management allows for printing as well as automatic, full-surface camera inspection based on the print layout. The coding unit, camera inspection and process chain (SPS) are software-controlled.


Layouter and output to printer

The integrated, intuitive layouter allows for preparation of printed images and configuration of and output to printers.


Quality assurance

High-resolution matrix or linescan cameras provide thorough, point-by-point inspection of fixed, variable and serialised data. Inspection includes:

  • Thorough print control (print image control, code inspection, OCR/OCV)
  • Mixing control via codes, plain text, images
  • Balancing of serialised data
  • Upgradable to perform further quality assurance functions



QR_PI solution


System integration

  • Customisable illumination and camera technology
  • Flexible output of results (output to ejector, transfer of result, line communication, etc.)
  • Versatile process integration (code scanning beginning with order sheet, customer solutions via Level 3 interface)
  • Standardised Level 3 interface (ERP/MES integration)
  • User management via customer infrastructure (LDAP, ActiveDirectory)





  • Minimal, risk-free setup time: Printer and inspection system configured by printer layout
  • Integrated order and article management
  • Full-surface, point-by-point inspection to provide security
  • Inspection of virtually any font/character type (Arabic, Cyrillic, Indian, Chinese, etc.) and user interface with multiple language options for international use
  • Serialisation based on various standards (GS1, IFA, etc.)
  • Code reading and inline grading (no substitute for standardised verification)
  • Central audit trail (printer, camera and optional process route)
  • Your investment is protected (versatility, update capability)
  • Complete touchscreen operation
  • Compliant with exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical sector (e.g. guideline 21 CFR Part 11)



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