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Modular quality assurance solutions for data and output validation

Flexible image processing solutions allow configuration and parameterisation for safe monitoring and control of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or medical technology. Operation is easy and intuitive via touchscreen. Solutions are network-enabled and designed for use at high speed and with multiple cameras (monochrome or colour). All products are compatible and can be used in combination.

QualiVision image processing solutions offer data and image storage (track & trace) and extensive statistics, documentation, logging and diagnosis functionality for process optimisation. Faulty products are identified, traced and securely filtered out of the process. User authorisations and access rights are set in line with pharmaceutical requirements to support secure and transparent production.

Quality assurance solutions are based on standard software, comply with legal guidelines and regulations – including requirements of FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 – and allow for validation of all output. Qualification documents are available upon request.

Inspection systems are designed for easy installation. They are suitable and upgradable for use with all types of machines. The plugin interface enables implementation of customer-specific adaptations and advanced functionality.

PrintControl monitors print quality, ensures that printed information is complete and performs plain text, code and print control of labels, foils, carton boxes and blisters.

Track & Trace combines secure database management, encoding systems, code scanning systems and automation, ensuring complete monitoring and traceability of pharmaceutical products.

QualiVision Print & Check Unit coordinates data exchange between different applications and output devices such as printers, read-back systems, user input, ERP systems, data archiving processes and control units.

QualiVision Print Systems offer all-in-one solutions for flexible labelling, encoding, personalisation, control and data processing of flat items such as cards, labels, booklets, folding cartons and packaging. They are ideally suited for late stage product customisation.

BrailleControl is an innovative and secure solution to verify Braille labels on outer packaging. The system is suitable for transparent varnish dots on folding boxes, labels or booklets.

BlisterControl controls blister-packaged pharmaceutical products such as pills, tablets and coated pills as well as their packaging.

ColourControl monitors position, quality and colour code of coloured rings on ampoules or coloured vial caps.

QualityControl performs general inspection functions, e.g. monitoring product presence or fill level.

Authentication - forgery protection
Proof of authenticity based on specific product characteristics.