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Braille script on pharmaceutical packaging offers enhanced self-sufficiency and independence for the vision-impaired. European pharmaceutical legislation requires Braille labelling on the outer packaging of pharmaceutical products. EU Member States are obliged to incorporate such regulations into their national legislation.  Numerous other countries are passing similar laws.

QualiVision has developed BrailleControl CertiVis®, an innovative and secure inspection solution for Braille labels on outer packaging.  BrailleControl verifies transparent varnish dots on folding cartons, labels or booklets. BrailleControl CertiVis guarantees high-quality products in line with the strict quality requirements in the pharma sector.

The adjustable standard solution BrailleControl CertiVis is suitable both for retro-fitting into existing packaging lines and for new systems. It integrates seamlessly into established production processes.


  • Fast, reliable, policy-compliant all-in-one system for guaranteed secure control of Braille labels on outer packaging
  • Easy-to-use, customer-friendly graphical user interface with touchscreen
  • Suitable for transparent varnish dots on labels, booklets or flat carton packaging
  • 6-point Braille in small, medium and large font sizes, reading direction and mirroring according to customer specifications.  The desired language can be loaded into a file
  • Inspection of multiple label rows with specific camera types
  • Suitable for basic systems, multi-lines and networked large-scale systems
  • Optimal integration into existing operating processes and systems
  • Secure communication with external sources, optional integration with existing IT infrastructure, higher-ranking ERP infrastructure and OEM systems
  • Comprehensive statistics and reporting (fault management, saves images, results and notices/reports)
  • Monitoring and visualisation of all relevant events and statuses
  • Secure data administration in databases, archiving of all system, product and formatting data
  • Complete logging of operator interventions and electronic process documentation
  • Password protection and multi-level user authorisations in line with security policies
  • Safe storage and safeguarding of electronic data against data manipulation or deletion
  • Qualification documents (IQ, OQ, PQ) available on request
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • Integration of further quality assurance inspection functions delivered by in-line control systems of the CertiVis family, such as Track & Trace, PrintControl, BlisterControl, ColorControl, QualityControl, etc.
  • Modular structure with optional extended functionality for future requirements, standard software based