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Colour code control of ampoules and vials

A reliable colour-camera system monitors coloured rings on ampoules and coloured vial caps. Inspection can be performed individually on labelling machines or on multiple products in blister or carton trays.

The system inspects position and quality of coloured rings and identifies and classifies the colour code.  Faulty products are securely filtered out of the production process. Colour- and background data is programmed into the system.  Programming also includes tolerance limits for normal fluctuations of positions and colour values. More substantial variations are reliably identified.  The system monitors brightness and colour values of illumination. Detected values are available for validation purposes as required.

ColourControl CertiVis® can be operated easily and intuitively via touchscreen.  The system is network-enabled and designed for use at high speed and with multiple cameras (monochrome or colour). It offers data and image storage (track & trace) and extensive statistics, documentation, logging and diagnosis functionality for process optimisation. User authorisations and access rights are set in line with pharmaceutical requirements to support secure and transparent production.

ColourControl CertiVis is compatible with and can be used in combination with other solutions from the CertiVis family and is also suitable and upgradable for use with all types of machines.