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Performs general inspection tasks on pharmaceutics, cosmetics and medical technology

QualityControl CertiVis® is a flexible, modular image processing solution designed for easy operation, configuration and parameterisation to perform various quality assurance inspection functions on pharmaceutical, cosmetic or medical technology products. Typical inspection tasks include presence, completeness, volume, position and fill level control, seal control, measuring etc.


  • Fast, reliable, policy-compliant multi camera system
  • Numerous different matrix/line scan cameras, both monochrome and colour
  • Customer-friendly graphical user interface
  • Freely configurable number of control and blank areas
  • Dynamic setpoint input
  • Comprehensive statistics and reporting (fault management, saves images, results and notices/reports)
  • Password protection and multi-level user authorisations in line with security policies
  • Complete logging of operator interventions and production outputs
  • Secure data administration to ensure traceability
  • Optional extended functionality for further inspection tasks

Technical data

  • Industrial PC 19“ or compact PC, Windows-based
  • LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Matrix cameras: FireWire or GigE, up to 100 images/s
  • Line scan cameras: CameraLink or GigE
  • Stable, maintenance-free LED illumination
  • Interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, digital entry/exit points or according to customer’s specification
  • Based on configurable QualiReader standard image processing software
  • Plugin interface enables integration of customer-specific functionality, interfaces and hardware

Application Examples