Clinical Studies

Clinical trials are systematic investigations on humans that aim to test the safety, efficacy and tolerability of medical interventions such as drugs, devices or therapies. In order to receive approval for the drug, extensive and highly controlled studies are needed. Optical quality control using cameras for the (personalized) labels which are needed for the study plays an important role in guaranteeing that a bad printed label is not jeopardizing the complete expensive study.

Print and Inspect

Print control is a crucial aspect of clinical trials, ensuring the accurate and legible labelling of study materials, which avoids errors and protects data integrity.

Custom Software

As the processes around Clinical Studies are often diverse and varying from company to company we are open to adapt our software to your needs and your systems. That is one of our unique strengths because our software is completely built in-house in a very modular manner which allows us to customize quickly and efficiently.

Clinical trials require a high degree of standardization to ensure valid and comparable results. Camera systems can be configured to monitor and document compliance with specific procedures, ensuring that all processes are carried out in a standardized manner, regardless of the person carrying them out.

Although the initial investment for implementing an optical quality control system with cameras can be considerable, in the long term there are significant efficiency gains and cost savings. A reduction in errors will result in fewer repetitions and corrections, which will in turn speed up production and reduce operating costs.

Should you require any further information, our team of highly skilled engineers will be delighted to assist you in finding the most suitable solution to meet your requirements.