Food & Retail

QualiVision’s Vision Systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Food & Retail market, ensuring the security of your products, packaging, and overall integrity across all aspects of your operations.

Through years of collaboration with businesses in your industry, we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges you face. Our systems are engineered to perform at their best in high-speed environments, and we specialize in making solutions capable of thriving in even the most demanding conditions.

Leveraging our expertise in deep learning, we’re equipped to address complex vision challenges with tailored precision. Discover the essence of the QualiVision philosophy and solutions.

High Speed Solutions

To succeed in the demanding food industry, it is essential to meet speed requirements. Our state of the art systems are specifically designed for production speeds of up to 600 pieces per minute and beyond. With proven validation and extensive testing, we are confident that we can meet your specifications, exceed your expectations and provide you with real added value.

Print Control

QualiVision’s Print Control software module offers a distinct method for character and artwork recognition within a single application.

Utilizing diverse algorithms, Print Control comprehensively identifies prints on labels, cartons, and other products.

One of the key benefits is our digital reference, which can be generated using either the built-in Layouter or external software like NiceLabel. This reference facilitates simultaneous data feeding to both the printer and camera, significantly simplifying setup efforts and reducing time required for setup and changeovers.

Quality Inspection

Implementing quality inspection for raw products before packaging is essential for ensuring top-notch product quality and safety. By catching defects and contaminations early, this process minimizes risks and upholds your brand’s reputation for excellence. It also optimizes production efficiency, saving costs associated with rework or recalls. Elevate your products’ integrity and customer satisfaction with pre-packaging quality checks that deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Counterfeit protection
& Serialization

Recognizing the products you produce can be crucial to you and your customers.

With our Serialization systems you can trace back every step of your production chain and gather product data even when the article left the warehouse. Read more about our Serialization and Aggregation Systems.

2D Code in Retail

Switching from EAN13 to GS1 DataMatrix with or without Digital Link in the food and retail market offers many benefits among which enhanced product traceability, transparent supply chains, and direct consumer engagement through detailed product information accessible via smartphone scans. This modern standard supports interoperability, sustainability initiatives, and future innovations, ensuring regulatory compliance and meeting consumer expectations for transparency and trust. Embrace GS1 2D codes to unlock operational efficiencies and elevate customer experiences in today’s evolving market landscape.

We can help you with the transition thanks to our extensive experience from the Pharma industry. Over the last 15 years we have accompanied many Pharma customers in the same transition

QualiVision is your experienced partner to secure and oversee every aspect of your product from production to the after sales. Benefit from the extensive experience, our fully inhouse developed validated and compliant software as well as an open team that takes care of your concerns and requests.

If you have any further questions, our team of skilled engineers will be happy to support you and find the right solution for your demands.