Machine vision is a critical tool for improving the quality, efficiency and innovation of medication.

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, machine vision is a critical tool for improving the quality, efficiency and innovation of medication. By automating quality control, streamlining processes and reducing manual tasks, machine vision enables pharmaceutical companies to effectively optimise their operations. Our bespoke vision systems offer a range of benefits designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturers. From stringent quality control to defect detection, our solutions facilitate precise inspection and analysis, ensuring compliance with the highest standards. By integrating cutting-edge algorithms and AI technologies, we support the creation of safe, efficient and breakthrough pharmaceutical products.

Computer validation in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to ensure that computerised systems are reliable and compliant. Key regulatory requirements include the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, which set out specific guidelines for electronic records and signatures, and GAMP 5, a guideline for the validation of automated systems that takes a risk-based approach. The QualiReader, our standard-software, is developed for the pharmaceutical industry since the beginning and offers tools that simplify the computer validation process. QualiVision is used to supporting its customers from project definition to acceptance with regard to computerised system validation.


Serialization unlocks powerful capabilities for your products and supply chain management. By assigning unique identifiers to every item within a batch, you gain the ability to track each product’s entire lifecycle—from production to distribution and beyond. This level of granularity enhances transparency, facilitates targeted recalls if needed, and combats counterfeiting. Embrace serialization to elevate your brand’s integrity, ensure regulatory compliance, and build trust with customers who value authenticity and accountability in every product they purchase.

Rely on our expertise from 100+ serialization projects.

Print Control

QualiVision’s Print Control software module offers a distinct method for character and artwork recognition with a single step and application.

Utilizing diverse algorithms, Print Control comprehensively identifies prints on labels, cartons, and other products.

One of the key benefits is our digital reference, which can be generated using either the built-in Layouter or an external software like NiceLabel. This reference facilitates simultaneous data feeding to both the printer and camera, significantly simplifying setup efforts and reducing the time required for setup and changeovers.

General Inspection of Products, Packaging material & Processes

From product to the packaging materials and the packaging process, errors can occur that can be checked automatically. This includes tasks such as product inspections, particle detection, completeness checks, mixing-up control, packaging material checks, safety in line clearance and much more. Thanks to our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the powerful QualiReader software, we can implement such reliable camera inspection solutions efficiently and on time.

In the pharmaceutical industry, a high degree of standardization is essential to ensure reliable and comparable results. Camera systems can be customized to monitor and document compliance with specific procedures, ensuring that all processes are consistent regardless of who is performing them. They also enable efficient monitoring and traceability, which facilitates quality assurance and compliance.

Although the initial investment for implementing an optical quality control system with cameras can be considerable, in the long term there are significant efficiency gains and cost savings. A reduction in errors will result in fewer repetitions and corrections, which will in turn speed up production and reduce operating costs.

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