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QualiVision for Producers and End Customers

QualiVision brings over 25 years of expertise to the Pharmaceutical, Med-Tech, and Food industries, ensuring both product safety and production line efficiency. Our systems are validated, fully documented, and guaranteeing regulatory compliance as well as commonly best practices.

Designed for ease of setup and operation, our systems offer versatile article handling capabilities, allowing for seamless management of various products. From shape or color inspection to Serialization, our solutions cover every aspect of your product, ensuring quality and compliance throughout.

Partner with QualiVision for reliable solutions and dedicated support in handling the complexities of your industry.

Print Control with QualiReader PI – Unique character and artwork recognition

  • Reduced change over times due to automatic reference handling
  • Inspection of printed items with one application (Font & Artwork)
  • Unique reading algorithms for robust Print inspection
  • Statistics and Batch report creation
  • Standard interface for ERP Systems

QualiReader Q – the right check for every application

  • Modular Software for nearly any vision application
  • Object measurements, color checks, presence monitoring & much more
  • Standard User Management, Audit Trail and Article handling

Vision Partner – Flexible service models according to your needs

  • Skilled engineers for end-to-end support throughout your production line’s lifecycle.
  • Internally developed software ensures rapid support and bug-fixing without external dependencies.
  • With bases in Germany and Switzerland, we’re strategically positioned to ensure you efficiently.
  • SLA contracts adapted to your needs